Enjoy locally infused culturally inspired dining

Enjoy locally infused culturally inspired dining. The menu imbues a blend of classic testes of traditional Indian cuisine. Making the food just as exciting to the palate as it is to the eyes. A unique theme resort which is part of Kerala culture were hospitality is a way of its life and tradition. You can experience a rich, happy and loving environment while you are with us.

Authentic Cuisine

Experience the finest culinary with the most unique flavours

Crafted to delight and plated to precision, dining experiences at Contour Backwaters Resorts engage the senses and captivate the palate. Spend serene evenings catching up with friends or taking some time off as you sip on fine drinks from an array of handcrafted cocktails. The in-room dining at Contour Backwaters Resorts offers a combination of European, International and Indian comfort food. Our Room Service team will be glad to assist you with a wide selection of international beverages.

Redefining the art of culinary

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